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Guidelines for Editors

-JRMS publishes 4 issues a year - one each in March, June, September and December.

-Once a paper is submitted online, it is routed to the relevant editor as per the subject of the paper selected by the author. If the author has mentioned a handling editor, then the paper is routed directly to that handling editor for review. 

-An editor can accept/reject the paper either through in-mail links or logging into the Editor's Desk application. 

-If a Handling Editor  arrives at a decision, with a referee report, there is no need for escalation for further decision from the Editor-in-Chief. The following two routes could be taken:
  •  If the online tool is used to register the referee report, a copy will be sent to the Editor-In-Chief of the report, and the decision along with the referee report is sent to the authors, with a copy of the entire file (from submission to closure) being saved for our records.
  • If an email is written to the Editor-In-Chief regarding acceptance/rejection then the Admin must be copied at The admin will take care of using the JRMS Journal System to communicate the decision to the authors and recording, closing and saving the file for our records.

-In some cases, the author uploads multiple times the same paper, inadvertently. Generally, the Journal System takes care of marking the previous papers as Duplicate. However, it might happen that the previous paper also was forwarded to an editor. In such a case, please quote the latest submission ID and ignore the older email notification which got sent for the same paper. 

-"Backlog" means the number of papers pending in review for the indicated number of days - currently set to 270 days (9 months). It is imperative in the interests of JRMS being a world class journal to keep the 270 day backlog to zero. 

-Though all effort is made so that that you get papers in your subjects of expertise, as an editor, it does happen that a paper may come to you which is not in your area. As an editor, you can "Accept to Coordinate" the review of the paper by sending it to a colleague, for refereeing. Coordinating with a referee is entirely up to you. If you cannot think of anyone suitable to referee the paper, you may "Decline" to review it. The Chief Editor may then have to look for an alternate editor or referee as the situation demands.

-If you need any help or have a suggestion for improvement, please send an email to 

Soliciting of papers

-Editor's are requested to solicit relevant papers in their circles and ask the authors to submit it online from to enable tracking of the paper till its eventual publication or rejection. If you would like to have this paper to be reviewed by yourself, then please ask the author to mention your email ID registered with JRMS in the textbox provided for "Corresponding Editor". This will enable effective communication and reduce delays.

For any queries / help / suggestions please write directly to