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Guidelines for submitting the report
1. Please make sure the submission ID of the paper for which you are about to upload the referee report is correct. You will find this in the email sent to you that had the details of the paper.

2. In case a paper is re-submitted, the latest submission ID should be used.
In some cases, the author uploads multiple times the same paper, inadvertently. Generally, the Journal System takes care of marking the previous papers as Duplicate. However, it might happen that the previous paper also was forwarded to the editor. In such a case, please quote the latest submission ID and ignore the older email notification. 

3. If you have forgotten your password, then retrieve it from HERE.

4. You can have a quick look at the papers (and their submission IDs) in your queue from HERE. You may just leave the submission ID blank to get a list of all papers in your queue.

5. You need to upload the referee report in PDF OR enter in comments in lieu of it. The PDF gets communicated to the author. If there is no PDF to upload, the comments get communicated to the author.